Zanda Myrande

(December 19, 1955 — July 24, 2019)

British filker, once known as Zander Nyrond and Jonathan Waite, who was active since the early 90s. She was primarily a skilled filksong writer. Co-chaired Pentatonic in 1993 and HarmonIX in 1997, member of the filk group Cosmic Trifle, wrote for WiGGLe and Filklore and published Zander's Little Book of Filks.


  • On The Battlements
  • Blood On Bookwalk
  • Lighthouse
  • Return To Argenthome - The Rough Cuts
  • Coming To A Theatre Near You
  • The Toad and other Strangenesses
  • The Filk Of Human Kindness - Futeurised (sic)
  • To The Landing
  • Blow For Freedom

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