(1) A Convention in Milwaukee, WI.

X-Con was a convention held in Milwaukee, WI.

Convention Dates GoHs
X-Con 1 June 17-19, 1977 Gordon R. Dickson, Bob Asprin
X-Con 2 June 2-4, 1978 Anne McCaffrey, Marty Coady
X-Con 79 July 6-8, 1979 Ben Bova, Doug Price
X-Con 4 June 6-8, 1980 Katherine Kurtz, E. Michael Blake
X-Con 5 June 12-14, 1981 L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine Crook de Camp
X-Con 6 May 21-23, 1982 Marion Zimmer Bradley, George Price
X-Con 7 June 10-12, 1983 Poul Anderson, David Egge
X-Con 8 June 8-10, 1984 (at Olympia Resort and Spa in Oconomowoc, WI)

(2) A Convention in the Netherlands

X-Con, Beneluxcon 10, was a convention held in the Netherlands in 1983 with GoH Brian W.Aldiss, Wim Gijssen

Beneluxcon 9«« »»Beneluxcon 11

(3) A Convention in San Francisco

Peter Vorzimer reported in Abstract #2 that on April 10 (presumably) 1954 X-Con would be held at the Witcomb Hotel in San Francisco. It was to be fans-only, no pros allowed, even if they were also fans.

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