Winnipeg Science Fiction Society

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A club in Winnipeg, Manitoba founded in 1950 or 51 by Chester Cuthbert. It began as a formal organization which he hoped to use to revive the moribund CSFA, but he had little success and both organizations had disappeared by 1954, the Winnipeg group morphing into an informal social group.

By the late 70s, a group of fans which called themselves Decadent Winnipeg Fandom (DWF) decoded they wanted to run a convention and decided to semi-formalize the club once again. Michael Hall edited Schmagg for the club. In 1978 with 17 members they ran a one-day convention, Un-Con.

The Winnipeg Science Fiction Society still existed in 1982, but had disappeared by the mid-80s when the new Winnipeg Science Fiction Association was formed.


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