Winnie the POO

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The PenSFA clubzine is named Winnie the POO (POO being the PenSFA Official Organ, and Winnie being the most famous POO.) It started in the 60s and was initially edited by T. Adamski and was usually small — 3-4 pages. It contained club news, reviews and sometimes short pieces of experimental fiction.

Winnie actually has a longer continuous history than the club has, since in the 1970s the club quit meeting for some time, but Mike Ward used the title to publish a West Coast-centered newszine to complement the then East Coast-based Locus (File 770 did not yet exist.)

When the club resumed operation, the title continued as the club newsletter; in June 2018 issue number 713 was published. Since 2000, the newsletter has officially been distributed by e-mail only, though the last paper copy was mailed some years before.

This is a clubzine page. Please extend it by adding information about when and by whom it was published, the club which published it, its contents (including a ToC listing), regular columnists, its impact on fandom, or by adding scans or links to scans.

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