A series of conventions held in King Alfreds Teacher Training College in Winchester, UK, started in 1988. Run by members of the South Hants Science Fiction Group. The 1997 Eastercon, Intervention was run by the same people, hence the numbering I,II,III, V

Convention Dates GoHs
Wincon I August 19-21, 1988 Patrick Tilley, Geoff Ryman
Wincon II August 16-18, 1991 Gene Wolfe, Brian Stableford
Wincon III July 29-31, 1994 Algis Budrys, James Hogan, and Norman Spinrad
Intervention March 28-31, 1997 Brian Aldiss, David Langford, Octavia Butler, Jon Bing
Wincon V August 13-15, 1999 John Whitbourn, Warren Ellis, Michael Sheard, Richard Le Parmentier, Diana Wynne Jones
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