A convention sponsored by the Wayne State College Science Fiction and Fantasy Club in Wayne, NE.

The WillyCon historical archives are at http://wildcat.wsc.edu/clubs/willycon/archives/

Convention Dates GoHs
WillyCon I March 26-28, 1999 Jack McDevitt, Hap Henriksen
WillyCon II March 24-26, 2000 Catherine Asaro, Mark Ferrari
WillyCon III March 16-18, 2001 Julie E. Czerneda, Frank Wu, Pfeiffer Family
WillyCon IV April 5-7, 2002 James P. Hogan, Terese Nielsen, Paul Clites
WillyCon V April 4-6, 2003 Wil McCarthy, Lucy A. Synk, John Jamison, Barbara Jamison
WillyCon VI March 26-28, 2004 Eric Flint, Mark Pennington, John Debnam
WillyCon VII April 8-10, 2005 Julie E. Czerneda, Rhondi Salsitz, AB Word, Rodney Ruff
WillyCon VIII March 31-April 2, 2006 Robert Reed, Kate Kilse, John Garner, Denise Garner, The Townsend Family
WillyCon IX April 13-15, 2007 James Alan Gardner, Taki Soma, Zach Miller, Terry Hickman, Will Pereira
WillyCon X April 4-6, 2008 Jack McDevitt, John E. Kaufmann, Paul Lawrence, John Shoberg, Trudy Myers, Jodie Meyer
WillyCon XI April 3-5, 2009 M. R. Sellars, Maria J. William, Roderick Vasek, Matt Ptacek, Jen Ptacek
WillyCon XII April 9-11, 2010 David J. Williams, Sarah Clemens, Daniel C. Nielsen, Rachel Martin, Sam Schrant
WillyCon XIII April 1-3, 2011 Harry Turtledove, Theresa Mather, David Kalet, Dan Froistad, Andie Froistad
WillyCon XIV April 20-22, 2012 Daniel C. Nielsen, Lee Killough, Patrick M. Kennedy, Fran McGarry, Dane Jessen, Christy Jessen
WillyCon XV April 5-7, 2013 Anne Bishop, Peri Charlifu, Jeff Schipman
WillyCon XVI April 4-6, 2014 Chloe Neill, Arden Ellen Nixon, Ron Bales
WillyCon XVII April 10-12, 2015 David Weber, Betsy Mott, John Day
WillyCon XVIII April 8-10, 2016