Who's Who in Fandom

Once Upon a Time, it was not risible to think of creating directories of all active fans, and many people did.

In 1961 Lloyd D. Broyles published Who's Who in Fandom, a 40 page booklet. 400 copies were printed. Entries were alphabetical and included standard background information plus activities in and out of fandom.

There are more than 300 entries, covering fans famous and unknown (and missing many major fans of the day.) The information was collected using a questionnaire circulated through fandom in 1961. Besides things like name and address and fanzines published, club memberships, and conventions attended (remember, this was 1961!) it also asked when the fan started reading SF, and entered fandom. Oddly, it also asked what speed tape recorders the fan could use.

Broyles planned to do a second, larger, and more complete, edition the following year, but was himself gafiating and it never happened.