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A clubzine. R. Graeme Cameron, the editor, writes: "WCSFAzine is a fannish E-zine publication sponsored by the West Coast Science Fiction Association to promote and celebrate every and all aspects of the Science Fiction Community on the West Coast of Canada.

"WCSFAzine is not intended to be an information newswire service, or an industry promotional outlet, but rather an eclectic ongoing anthology of bits and pieces of nifty rumours and misinformation as viewed through a fannish lens. You can expect the focus to be on the West Coast, but with a peripheral vision including the entire world of fandom. Anticipate info on upcoming books, fannish events, local clubs and conventions, film reviews, short essays, weird cover art, spin doctor publicity announcements, peculiar speculations and astounding bits of trivia to put you in touch with your fannish heritage. Not to mention stuff I haven’t even thought of yet."

http://efanzines.com/WCSFA (IA) Copies at EFanzines

This is a clubzine page. Please extend it by adding information about when and by whom it was published, the club which published it, its contents (including a ToC listing), regular columnists, its impact on fandom, or by adding scans or links to scans.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org