WAW with the Crew in '52
from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
Slogan coined by Shelby Vick for his successful campaign to bring Walt Willis to the ChiCon II. Walt's column, "The Harp That Once Or Twice..." in Quandry had been hailed as top-grade fanstuff, and the idea of bringing him over for the worldcon was one to rally much support from fans in America. Contributions and fundraising gimmicks like the Willishes and the raffling off of the Iron Maiden mimeo brought Walt over successfully, and the campaign itself is remembered fondly as a high point of the amiable Sixth Fandom attitude. A conreport of impressive bulk, The Harp Stateside, recorded Walt's adventures here and the campaign had much to do with development of the present entente cordiale between American and English fandom.

Willis was brought back to the US in 1962 by the Tenth Anniversary Willis Fund.