Watch! Venom (2018) Full Movie Online Free HD

Watch! Venom (2018) Full Movie Online Free HD

Venom is a character from Marvel's Universe that first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #300 and can be considered a twisted deformation of Spider-Man.


For those who want to have a wider context about Venom's biography in the comic world, we recommend checking the note in which we talk about the character. Also, don't forget that in SMASH and Marvel C├│mics USA we publish several issues of the symbiont such as the Venom Carnage comic book and the Deluxe Editions: Venomverse and Venomized.

Below we share with you a top 10 of things worth taking into account before going to see Venom in theaters.

The tape could be based on two comic book arcs

It has been said that the tape could be based on some stories from the comics. Two of the bows that have sounded the loudest are Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiontes. About Lethal Protector could be the fact that Venom is going to have to face other symbionts first, while in Planet of the Symbiontes they focus much more on telling the relationship between Eddie and the symbiont. It is likely that the film has a bit of both arches, however we still have to wait to see the relationships and see how much impact these stories had, or did not have, on the film.

The story would take place in San Francisco

Unlike most MCU stories that take place in New York, the Venom tape would take place inside San Francisco (which could be another reference to the Lethal Protector arch). At least we'll get to see Tom Hardy and the symbiont do a few jumps on a motorcycle.

Venom would be portrayed as an… Anti-hero!

Although there are stories in the comics in which we can appreciate his high sense of morality, on the big screen he will be portrayed as an anti-hero, where Eddie Brock is being mentally affected by having the symbiont in his body

We could see … Carnage?

Woody Harrelson's participation in the film has been confirmed, although his final role has not yet been mentioned. Speculation on the internet suggests that it is Cletus Kasady, who is known to be the host of Carnage the Bloodthirsty Symbiont. We can only wait to see the tape, while our hopes remain.

Venom needs humans…

At first it might sound like something nice, however it is not. Venom has a hunger that can be satisfied with human brains. This is because her race, the Klyntar, needs to consume certain chemicals that could be found in some parts of humans. Will we see explicit scenes of the symbiont while enjoying a good meal?

An evil corporation is always necessary

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It is interesting to see The Life Foundation corporation since within the comic book it was also invented by the same creators of Venom: McFarlane and Michelinie. In the film it will have an important role in the creation of the symbiotes.


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Although we know that several symbiotes will appear (thanks to what has been seen in the trailers and in what has been published), Riot would be the main villain of the Venom story on the big screen. Riot would have several hosts until he reached Carlton Drake.

The director would be Fleischer Ruben

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To be able to capture the whole essence of Venom on the big screen, a director was needed who could work with what the character is and who was not so expensive. The decision was to hire Fleischner Ruben who worked on 30 Minutes or Less, Gangster Squad and Zombieland.

A new beginning?

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Because there is very little chance of seeing Spider-Man in the film, Venom's origins could be changed as the symbiont would never generate its hatred for Spidey. This is where The Life Foundation is going to play an important role in the story.

We are Venom

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Thanks to the trailers that have been shared on social networks, it is possible to see how Eddie Brock has a voice that speaks to him (the symbiont), which would point to the relationship that has been seen in the Venom comics.

Excited about the film?

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