Wapakoneta Triangle

The Wapakoneta Triangle is an area around Wapakoneta, Ohio, where many fans experienced mysterious automotive breakdowns during the 1970s while en route to or from cons in Cincinnati, Columbus, Sandusky, Ann Arbor, Detroit and Indianapolis. It didn't matter which way you were going, or where — one way or another, you were doomed to spend some extended period each year in Wapakoneta, waiting for a tow and car repairs.

It happened so frequently that fans began wonder whether local mechanics put a hex on area roads or if denizens of the Armstrong Air and Space Museum had perfected a car-destroying ray.

Bill Bowers and Rusty Hevelin, reasoning that if fen we're doomed to a stretch in Wapakoneta anyway, they might as well enjoy it, sited Spacecon there beginning in 1979.