Walter Kubilius

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(November 22, 1918 – September 22, 1993)

Also known as Walter Kubilis, he used the penname J. S. Klimaris.

He was a member of the influential club the Futurians, previously a co-founder of the Edison Science Club which later became International Cosmos Science Club (ICSC) and continued to exist under other names.

Kubilius served on the committee for the Second Eastern and NYCon in 1939. Beginning in 1941, he began publishing professionally under his own name and the name J. S. Klimaris. Some of his stories were in collaboration with Fletcher Pratt. He became a non-fiction editor in 1952. As an author, his style was characterized as "pedestrian, out-at-the-elbows prose" by James Blish.

Frederik Pohl describes Kubilius as quiet and notable mostly for his height, estimated as 6'8".

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