Vonda N. McIntyre

(b. 1948)

Vonda Neel McIntyre was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She was educated at the University of Washington, Seattle (BS in biology, 1970) and did graduate study in genetics, 1970-1971.

One of the earliest successful graduates of the Clarion SF Writer’s Workshop (1970), Vonda Neel McIntyre is an explicit feminist SF and fantasy writer who, before becoming a full-time writer, was a riding instructor, keypunch operator, and writing instructor. She has also been a conference coordinator/organizer (including a Clarion SF Writing Worksho), served as writer in residence at Clarion West (in 1984 and 1990), been a visiting novelist at Humboldt State University, worked for a Summer Arts program at California State University, spent a fellowship year (1994) at a screenwriting workshop in Hollywood, and given readings and talks at numerous places on a variety of subjects including genetic engineering, the women’s movement, and the claims of psychics.

She was GoH at Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon.

First SF publication: “Breaking Point” in Venture (February, 1970); First novel: The Exile Waiting (Doubleday, 1975); First collection: Fireflood and Other Stories (Houghton Mifflin, 1979).

Hugo nominations:

Other Honors/Awards: Nebula (Novelette) for “Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand” in 1973; Nebula (Novel) for Dreamsnake, 1978; 1979; Nebula (Novel) for The Moon and the Sun,1997.

McIntyre has also edited (with Susan Janice Anderson) a collection, Aurora: Beyond Equality (1976), and an anthology of humanist fiction. In addition, she has authored several movie novelizations and “Star Trek” novels (1981-1986); published a YA novel, Barbary (1986); and written The Crystal Star (1994), a “Star Wars” book. Her “Starfarers” series, with another female protagonist (a black physicist from Earth), has resulted in four additional titles: Starfarers (1989), Transition (1990), Metaphase (1992), and Nautilus (1994). She edited Nebula Awards Showcase 2004.

Her The Moon and the Sun (1997) introduced her fans to a sea monster in the court of Louis XIV.

Interviews with McIntyre have appeared in several publications, including Starship/Algol (Spring 1979), Galileo (November 1979), SF Chronicle (May 1993), and Locus (February 1998).

Other GoHships:

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