Voice of the Imagi-Nation

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VOM started as the letter column on Imagination!, the LASFS clubzine that Forrest J Ackerman edited starting in 1937. When Imagination! ceased publishing, Ackerman turned it into a fanzine on its own and in 1939 started including other material such as art and articles, though the letter column was always the center of the fanzine. There were a total of fifty issues, the last in 1947.

VOM won the 1946 Best Fanzine Retro Hugo at L.A.con III in 1996.

See also VOMbozine.

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
VOICE OF THE IMAGI-NATION, 4sj & Morojo's letterzine which flourished for fifty issues in the early 40s. It was originally just the lettercolumn of the LASFS OO, IMAGINATION!, but later took off on its own under Acky's ministrations. The word VoMaiden designated one of the fans' drawings of nekkid wimmen which were published therein, sometimes with a fantasy background to justify their appearance in a fanzine. Ackerman defended this publication on the ground that fanzines should publish what fans want, especially something like this that couldn't appear in a general mag because of various silly rules. But the VoMaidens were criticized mostly for lack of artistic merit, not for reasons of morality.

See Imagination.
from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
Voice of Madge. The pet name became the one generally used; full name is Voice of the Imagi-Nation.

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