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Venture Science Fiction Magazine was founded by publisher Joseph Ferman as a companion magazine to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF), but with an emphasis on adventure SF.

The first issue was dated January, 1957. Robert P. Mills, who edited F&SF, was also editor of Venture. Anthony Boucher served as an advisory editor, and Theodore Sturgeon ran the book review column.

The new magazine lasted until July, 1958, at which time it ceased publication and the masthead of F&SF was changed to read "including Venture Science Fiction."

Venture was revived in May, 1969, and continued until August, 1970. The new run was edited by Edward L. Ferman, with Ron Goulart doing the book reviews.

The two runs added up to a total of 16 issues published. After the demise of Venture for the second time, the magazine's name again returned to the masthead of F&SF.

There was a British edition of Venture Science Fiction during 1963-1965, reprinting stories from both the U.S. Venture and F&SF, for a total run of 28 issues.

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