Vancouver in '84

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A Worldcon bid for 1984 by fans in Vancouver, BC. The bid was for Labor Day weekend at the Hotel Vancouver and the Hyatt. The core committee included Fran Skene, Hen Flanders, Jo-Anne McBride and Dave Greer.

It announced and then cancelled a convention, Kulacon, as a fund-raiser.

In mid-1979, it merged into the Vancouver in '87 bid (see File 770 #12 p19 and File 770 #17 p19.) The reason given was that Vancouver didn't have the facilities needed for a Worldcon and they did not expect them to be built by 1984, but hoped they would be in time for 1987.

It was mentioned in File 770 #7 p16, but does not seem to have been very active and did not file. See 1984 Site Selection results.

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