Up to Now: Then What Happened?

Up To Now by Jack Speer, 1939

The Second Fandom Finds Itself«« »»One Analysis of Wollheim

(This section was hand-written in the original, and transcribed in A Sense of FAPA and left out of the 1994 reprint of Up To Now. Below is what Dick Eney wrote in A Sense of FAPA.)

Will the Third Convention meet and form a Fantasy Federation? Reinmuth approaches Tellus the nearest any celestial body has been, in the very night for which the meet is scheduled. Will Earth be destroyed before DAW can save fandom?

This gripping story will be continued and, I hope, concluded in the next Mailing, but if you simply must finish it before then I hope to have complete copies ready for distribution at the World SF Convention.

[This hooker for the first installment was holographed, but I have no ethical justification for inflicting Speer's handwriting on innocent nonparticipants. — RE]

The Second Fandom Finds Itself«« »»One Analysis of Wollheim