Up To Now

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An history of science fiction fandom, written by Jack Speer covering the 1930s up to 1939. It was first published in Full Length Articles 2 and distributed in through FAPA and at NYcon I. In 1962, it was reprinted in Dick Eney's A Sense of FAPA and again in 1994 in a 100-copy run by Arcturus Press.

Up to Now covers such highlights of the 1930s as First Staple War, the ISA-SFL Clash, numbered fandoms, and Wollheim and Michel, seen, of course, through Speer's biases. It is an excellent contrast with Moskowitz's The Immortal Storm.

Table of Contents:
The Beginnings
The First Staple War
The ISA-SFL Clash
The Heyday of Fantasy Magazine
The Decline and Fall of the Era

New Fan Magazines, Fly-by-Night and Permanent
The Second Convention and the Shift of Power
The Second Fandom Finds Itself

Then What Happened?

One Analysis of Wollheim
The Nature of Wollheim's Dictatorship
The Founding of the FAPA
Michelism and the Third Convention
Later Development of Michelism
ghughu and FooFoo
The Atheism Issue
The First Months of 1938
June, 1938
The Conventions
The FAPA Campaign
The Crucial Period
The Undertow

The Situation in the West
The Order Begins to Crumble
The Decline and Fall of Wollheim
The Changing Tendency Among Fan Magazines
New Fandom's Struggle for Recognition
The Reaction Against Reaction

http://fanac.org/fanzines/Sense_FAPA/Sense_FAPA1-018.html (IA) A scan of the Sense of FAPA reprint

http://efanzines.com/UpToNow (IA) Copies at EFanzines

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org