University of Chicago Science Fiction Club

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A club at the University of Chicago founded in 1950 by Tom Seidman, George D'Asaro, and John Boardman. It published The Journal of Science Fiction.

In its early years club meetings were so informal as to be pretty chaotic — though they weren't dull. It's 1952 Halloween party included an imitation black mass, which gained it unwelcome notice by the university's President. Earl Kemp became President in 1953. Its faculty adviser was Nobel-Prize-winning chemist Harold Urey!

In 1963, the club split into two groups. By this time, none of the members were students at the University of Chicago, and many felt that the club had become stale. George Price, who had been doing the club's program and sending out meeting notices wanted a moresf-oriented group and began hosting a monthly meeting. Rosemary Hickey helped set up a monthly social group (including drinking) called the Chicago SF League.

A new university club was founded in the 60s as the University of Chicago SF Society. By 1969 it was meeting in Ida Noyes Hall on campus. This club made a short-lived and unsuccessful bid for the 1973 Worldcon. See Chicago in '73.

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