Unicon (CA)

(Did you mean British, Australian, Kansas City, Maryland or Florida conventions?)

1) Unicon/Fancon was a convention held in 1978 in Torrance, CA.

2) There was a convention held June 24-25, 1989 at the Sheraton Hotel in Concord, CA. Guests included Marion Zimmer Bradley, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and several Blakes 7 related people. It is unclear if there were additional conventions in this series.

3) Unicon 6 was held November 5, 1994 at the Youth Services Center in Irvine, CA. It was a one day convention from 1pm to 7pm. The FGoHs were Gene Henderson and Benita Gagne.

{Was this related to either of the other two California Unicons? The numbering is right for it to be a continuation of #5, above, but that was in the north Bay Area, while this was near LA.}