Unicon 6

(1) Convention in Melbourne

Unicon 6 was a convention in Melbourne, Australia held April 4-7 1980 at The Victoria Hotel with Guests of Honour Joe and Gay Haldeman.

Lee Harding and Merv Binns may also have been GoHs.

It was run by the Monash University Science Fiction Association, which had also run the first of the Australian Unicon conventions.

Some photos from Unicon 6 can be found in eFNAC #5b.

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(2) Convention in Maryland

Unicon 6 was a convention held July 18-20, 1980 at the Silver Spring Sheraton in Silver Spring, MD. GoH: James P. Hogan. Chaired by Clinton Winchester and Theodore L. Manekin, and attendance was between 800 and 900.

Alexis Gilliland write a brief review in File 770 #22 p8.

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