A popular name: Which one of the eight do you mean?

(1) Unicon (MD)

A convention based in Maryland and organized by the University of Maryland Science Fiction Club

Convention Date Site GoHs
Unicon 1 April 11-13, 1975 College Park Interstate Inn, College Park, MD Frederik Pohl
Unicon 2B July 9-11, 1976 University of Maryland Student Union L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine de Camp, Ted White
Unicon 3 July 8-10, 1977 Silver Spring Sheraton, Silver Spring, MD Clifford D. Simak
Unicon 4 July 7-9, 1978 Silver Spring Sheraton, Silver Spring, MD Theodore Sturgeon
Unicon 5 July 20-22, 1979 Shoreham Americana, Washington D.C. Robert Bloch
Unicon 6 July 18-20, 1980 Silver Spring Sheraton, Silver Spring, MD James P. Hogan
Unicon 82 July 16018, 1982 Silver Spring Sheraton, Silver Spring, MD Hal Clement, Bob Madle, Karl Kofoed
Unicon 8 July 15-17, 1983 Silver Spring Sheraton, Silver Spring, MD Joan D. Vinge, Michael J. Walsh, Teanna Lee Byerts, Jim Frenkel
Unicon 84 July 20-22, 1984 Silver Spring Sheraton, Silver Spring, MD Gene Wolfe, Dawn Wilson, Peggy Rae Pavlat
Unicon 10 July 19-21, 1985 Silver Spring Sheraton, Silver Spring, MD Michael Shea, Val Lakey Lindahn, Arthur W. Saha
Unicon UniContinuity Party July 26, 1986 Church of the Ascension, Silver Spring, MD
Unicon 87 July 17-19, 1987 Annapolis Holiday Inn, Annapolis, MD David Brin, David Mattingly, Marty Gear
Unicon 12 July 22-24, 1988 Annapolis Holiday Inn, Annapolis, MD Vernor Vinge, Ned Dameron
Unicon 13 July 14-16, 1989 College Park Holiday Inn, College Park, MD Tim Powers, Debbie Hughes, Mark Maxwell

(2) Unicon (UK)

A series of university-based conventions in the UK, see Unicon (UK)

(3) Unicon (Australia)

A series of university-based conventions in Australia.

Year Name Dates Location Guests of Honour
1975 Unicon I Mar 28-31 Ritz Hotel Melbourne
1976 Unicon II Apr 16-19 Ormond College, University of Melbourne Bruce Gillespie
1977 Unicon III April 8-11 (Easter) Christies Beach Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia Kitty Vigo
1978 Unicon IV Mar 24-27 Melbourne Town House Brian Aldiss, Roger Zelazny
1979 Unicon V Jan 27-29 Science Centre, Sydney Patricia Wrightson and (fan) Ronald E. Graham
1980 Unicon 6 Apr 4-7 The Victoria Hotel, Carlton (Melbourne) Joe and Gay Haldeman
1981 Tolkon '81 (Unicon VII) Aug 21-24 New Crest Hotel, King's Cross, Sydney Jon Noble
1986 Unicon Jan 25-27 Adelaide University campus Victor Kelleher

(4) Unicon (FL)

A convention run by a club at the University of South Florida in the 70s. It was renamed Universicon when the name conflict was noticed.

(5) Unicon (CA, 1970s)

Unicon/Fancon was a convention held in 1978 in Torrance, CA.

(6) Unicon (CA, 1980s)

There was a convention held June 24-25, 1989 at the Sheraton Hotel in Concord, CA. Guests included Marion Zimmer Bradley, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and several Blakes 7 related people. It is unclear if there were additional conventions in this series.

(7) Unicon (CA, 1990s)

Unicon 6 was held November 5, 1994 at the Youth Services Center in Irvine, CA. It was a one day convention from 1pm to 7pm. The FGoHs were Gene Henderson and Benita Gagne.

{Was this related to either of the other two California Unicons? The numbering is right for it to be a continuation of #5, above, but that was in the north Bay Area, while this was near LA.}

(8) Unicon (Kansas City, MO)

Convention Dates Guests of Honor
Unicon (KC) I May 8-9, 1982 Pat Killough, Lee Killough, Robert Chilson

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