Tucker Bag 4-1/2

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An issue of Tucker Bag.


As this flyer is being readied, bids, contributions and redemptions are still arriving for Fandom's concerted effort to Deport the Menace known as Bob Tucker to Australia. Just prior to Discon II the total of cash-on-hand and bids made in the Mail Auction (but yet redeemed) passed the $1,000 mark! Regardless of the amounds raised in coming weeks, Tucker will definitely be attending Aussiecon next August; only the degree of comfort and length of stay remain to be decided.

BOAC is currently offering a selection of tours tried in wit the 1975 Worldcon in Melbourne; ranging in price from $1,000 to $1,600. Since this is to a a Trip Of A Lifetime, it would be marvelous if the Gala, See-The-Whole-Damned-Country tour could be provided. From the fantastic response so far seen, it seems possible — so our goal has been officially raised to $1,800! It's a lot of money; but then, Tucker's a lot of fan. Can it be done? We don't know — but let's give it a heck of a try!!!

A live auction of items faanish and *sigh* sercon will be held both here and at Windycon (Chicago's first convention in 12 years — see the Program Book its ad). Prozines, fanzines, artwork, Mother Joni's Jams 'N' Jellies, pheople, and items to erotic to mention will be put up for bids. Check the Message Board and/or/ Daily Program for time and place…and be sure to attend; wallet in hand!!!

Delays have been encountered in publishing The Really Incompleat Bob Tucker, and it's uncertain whether copies will be available at DisCon. Its fate rests in the hands of the Post Awful System, and only the ghods know… In any case, TRIBT ( a selection of Tucker's fannish writings from the past four decades) is being sold for $1; $1.50 by mail. Only 300 copies will be made, so reserve yours today! Pickup can be made here (hope dies hard!) or at various Midwestern conventions

Current information on the Fund's progress, as well as a listing of Mail Auction items can be seen in the latest Tucker Bag, the Fund's newsletter. Bum a copy from a pal; or get your very own by contributing to the Fund of sending a 10ยข stamp to the US Administrator. Two sessions of the auction are left to go; it's expected to close Thanksgiving (appropriately) week in November. All sorts of goodies have been offered, and many more remain. Closing dates on Section III is October 15th, and items for donation will be accepted until then.

It's thanks you you; donators, contributors, bidders and well-wishers alike that the Fund has achieved so much so soon. And it's because of your enthusiasm that our sights have been lifted. Thanks to you all!!!

Bruce Gillespie
GPO Box 5195AA
Melbourne, Vic. 2001
Box 51-A RR 2
Beecher, IL 60401



Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org