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"First Australasian Science Fiction Convention"

It was held April 9-12 1982 at the Melbourne Townhouse, with Guest of Honour Jack Vance, Australian Guest of Honour Leanne Frahm, Fan Guest of Honour Eric Lindsay, and Toastmaster Marc Ortlieb.
Justin Ackroyd was Chairman.

The consitution that previously governed the "Australian Science Fiction Convention" (i.e., Australian Natcon) had been changed to have "Australian" replaced by "Australasian" throughout prior to this convention, but that change was reversed at the convention.

A joke award for Best Toastmastering was presented to Marc Ortlieb. The trophy was, or resembled, a scaled-down version of a normal Ditmar Award trophy. The previous Australian Natcon had imposed the proportions of the trophy, but not its size.

The name was a both a bow to one of GoH Jack Vance's novels and a pun on the name of that year's Worldcon, Chicon IV.

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org