Tropicon VI

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Tropicon VI was a convention held Dec 4-6, 1987 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was chaired by Joe Siclari and Gail Bennett. With GoHs George R.R. Martin and Kelly Freas, and Toastmaster Jack Chalker, the convention overcame a decrepit hotel to provide an outstanding weekend. This was the largest Tropicon, with an attendance of 350.

Other guests included: Sarah Clemens, Ginger Curry, Will Eisner, William Forstchen, Joseph Green, Jay Haldeman II, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Sabrina Jarema, Tom Maddox, Vincent Miranda, Ken Mitchroney, Ingrid Neilson, Andre Norton, Gary Alan Ruse. Special Filk Guest was Leslie Fish.

to add:
all you can eat banquet that ran out
Kelly's broken window
mention the letter feud w Jack over the Orlando bid?

Co-Chair & Hotel Liaison: Joe Siclari
Co-Chair: Gail Bennett
Treasurer: Peggy Dolan
Art Show: Becky Peters
ConSuite: Judy Bemis & Tony Parker
Costume Party: Peggy Gemingnani
Dealers Room: Gail Bennett
Video/Film Program: Rich Klein & Bruce Feldman
Gaming Room: Kat Max & Rich Klein
Program Book: Gail Bennett
Programming: Edie Stern
Progress Report: Jay Packlick
Publicity: Carol Porter
Registration: Carol Gibson
TriviaMaster: Bill Wilson

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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to