Tropicon V

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Tropicon V, chaired by Nancy Atherton, was a convention held Dec 5-7, 1986 with GoH Gardner Dozois. Other guests included: Scott Adams, Susan Casper, Sarah Clemens, Dr. Robert Collins, John Douglas, David Hartwell, Lee Hoffman, Vincent Miranda, Andre Norton, Gary Alan Ruse, Somtow Sucharitkul, Tim Sullivan. Convention attendance was 250.

At Tropicon V, local TV weatherman Bryan Norcross became the first person to broadcast a television weather report from a science fiction convention. That was not the only first. Tropicon V also hosted the first annual Daedalus Awards ceremony, recognizing achievement in science fiction, fantasy and horror literature. The award featured what appeared to be a bird's wing encased in acrylic. It gave rise to many "no birds were harmed in the creation of this award" comments.

Andre Norton's appearance was a rare and welcome opportunity to see an icon of YA science fiction. She was interviewed for an SRO crowd by Bill Wilson.

Co-Chair & Hotel Liaison: Nancy Atherton
Co-Chair: Lee Hoffman
Treasurer: Peggy Dolan
Art Show: Becky Peters
Consuite: Jay Packlick & Todd Hopkins
Costume Party: Peggy Gemignani
Dealers Room: Gail Bennett
Video/Film Program: Bill Wilson
Gaming Room: Kat Max & Richard Klein
Program Book: Nancy Atherton
Programming: Pam Parsons
Progress Report: Hank Heath
Publicity: Joe Siclari
Registration: Judy Bemis
Trivia Master: John Murphy

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