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The 1966 Worldcon held September 1-5 at the Sheraton-Cleveland. GoH: L. Sprague de Camp. Isaac Asimov was Toastmaster. Co-Chairmen: Ben Jason, Howard DeVore, and Lou Tabakow. Officially jointly hosted by Cleveland, Detroit, and Cincinnati (hence "Tricon") See Tricon Program for the complete convention program.

1966 Hugo Results, 1967 Site Selection results.

Cleveland in '66 beat an out-of-rotation Syracuse in '66 bid. See 1966 Site Selection results

Bjo Trimble and Fritz Leiber (represented in absentia by John Trimble) were made Knights of St. Fantony in a full-dress ceremony on Friday night.

Fred Pohl's Tricon Reminiscence
Cory Seidman Panshin's Tricon Report

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