Toni Weisskopf

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(1965 —)

Toni Weisskopf Reinhardt (also known as T.K.F. Weisskopf) is an American SF editor and the publisher of Baen Books.

She is an alumna of Oberlin College, from which she graduated in 1987. She was immediately employed by Baen Books, where she served as executive editor up until the death of founder Jim Baen in 2006, at which point she took over as publisher. She has edited a number of their anthologies under the name T.K.F. Weisskopf.

She published the fanzine, Yngvi Is a Louse! and Other Graffitos, was OE of SFPA, and co-chaired DeepSouthCon 50 in 2012. She was a charter member of the North Alabama Science Fiction Association and a member of the Oberlin College SF Society.

She had a child with Jim Baen and later married Hank Reinhardt.

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