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The quarterly journal of the Science Fiction Association, the UK's first national fan organization. It ran for seven issues in all, published in Leeds by Douglas W. F. Mayer in the late 30s. The first four were duplicated, half-quarto zines with stiff card covers. Walter Gillings' Scientifiction was folded into Tomorrow starting with the fifth issue, at which point it shifted to full US quarto size and continued Scientifiction's full litho reproduction. Unfortunately, this proved too expensive for the SFA's finances to bear, and after three litho issues Tomorrow ceased publication.

Tomorrow was nominated for the 1939 Retro-Hugo Award for Best Fanzine at the London 3 WorldCon. It placed third, after Imagination! and Novae Terrae.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 V1.1 Spring 1937
2 V1.2 Summer 1937
3 V1.3 Autumn 1937
4 V1.4 Winter 1938
5 V2.1 Spring 1938
6 V2.2 Summer 1938
7 V2.3 Autumn 1938 Final issue {$files} . . .

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