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Tomboat is the combination of Tom Smith and Toyboat. Basically, Tom gets to be Meat Loaf for an hour, minus the scarves and Karla Devito.

Their first appearance was at Windycon 37 in 2010, then again the following year at Windycon 38. Their most recent appearance was at Midamericon II

They will be the Guests Of Honor at Consonance 2019

Tom Smith - Lead Vocals
gundo (Daniel Gunderson) - guitar, vocals, keyboards, mandolin, harmonica
Mike Nixon - guitar, vocals
Jason Neerenberg - bass, vocals
Raven (David Stowell) - keyboards
Cathy McManamon - drums, vocals - Midamericon II
Eric Coleman - drums - Windycon shows

Special Guest Villains
Amy McNally - Violin
Debbie Gates - Hand Drums
Lizzie Crowe - Vocals

Midamericon II
Alexander James Adams - Violin
Eric Coleman - backing vocals

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to