Tom Clareson

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(1926 -1993)

Thomas D. Clareson was an editor, critic, and professor of English. By the time he took his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in 1956, he had published his first SF criticism, "The Evolution of Science Fiction" (August, 1953, Science Fiction Quarterly).

He was perhaps best known for editing the journal Extrapolation continuously from its founding in December, 1959, to Winter, 1989.

He was also a pioneer in editing anthologies of SF criticism in book form.

Clareson was chairman of the first Modern Language Association Seminar on SF in 1958, and first President of the Science Fiction Research Association, 1970-1976.

In recognition of his services to the academic study of SF, he received the Pilgrim Award in 1977.

The Thomas D Clareson Award for Distinguished Service, presented since 1995, is named in his honor.

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