Convention series in Tasmania, Australia.

The first Thylacon was the 34th Australian Natcon.

Thylacon 2 was the 37th Australian Natcon.

Thylacon 3 was a tour of Tasmania and relaxacon following Aussiecon Three.

Thylacon 2005 (also known as Thylacon IV) was the 44th Australian Natcon.

(See table below.)

Name Chairs Dates Location Guests of Honour
Thylacon Robin Johnson & Cary Lenehan 9-12 June 1995 Hadley's Hotel, Hobart Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Nichols, Grant Stone
Thylacon 2 Robin Johnson & Cary Lenehan 5-8 June 1998 Hadley's Hotel, Hobart George R. R. Martin, Leanne Frahm
Thylacon 3 Robin Johnson 7-12 Sept 1999 Tasmania (none)
Thylacon 2005 Tansy Rayner Roberts 10-13 June 2005 Wrest Point Hotel, Hobart Anne Bishop, Marianne de Pierres, and (fan) Merv Binns

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