The WSFA Journal

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The clubzine of WSFA, the Washington Science Fiction Association. There were two series published. Series One was edited by Don Miller and had 87 issues, ending in 1974. Series Two began in 1978, has had numerous editors over the years, and is still being published.

After leaving the editorship of WSFA Journal, Don Miller published what is effectively a continuation under the name The SF&F Journal.

See also Son of the WSFA Journal.

Issue Date Pages Notes
71 March-May 1970 104 Disclave '70 issue
72 June-August 1970 58
76 April-May 1971 ~140 Disclave '71 issue
August 1988 4 ed. Mary Morman
October 1988 6 "
December 1992 14
July 1993 30
January 1994 8 (IA) Website

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