The Ultraverse

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An apazine by Jon D. Swartz for CAPA, originally published in the 1940s. Revived by Swartz in 2006 for use in CAPA mailings. Titled Cognitive Dissonance when topic is psychology. Titled E-Ultraverse when part of N3F's N'APA. A section titled "Who Was Who in Old-time Radio" has been included in The Ultraverse in recent years.

Articles in The Ultraverse have usually been published in defined series. The series so far have included Neglected Genre Authors, Popular Culture Heroes, History of Science Fiction Awards, Science Fiction Written by Mundane Writers, SF magazines of the 1940s, Comic Book Clubs, Golden Age Science Fiction Authors, and Paperback Publishers of Science Fiction in the 1940s-1950s.

Swartz ceased publication of The Ultraverse (and the companion zine Cognitive Dissonance) when CAPA disbanded early in 2019.

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