The Twilight Zone

(1) The Twilight Zone was an anthology TV series of SF stories, created by Rod Serling who also served as the program's narrator.

There were two separate series. The original series ran from 1959 to 1964 and consisted of 156 30-minute episodes. The program was revived in 1985, and consisted of 24 hour-long episodes and 49 30-minute episodes, but this run was not as successful as the original series.

Many fine actors appeared on the program, including William Shatner, Robert Redford, and Dennis Hopper.

It won three Hugos: (IA) SF Encyclopedia entry

(2) A semi-professional SF magazine (full title: Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine") wihch was published sixty mostly bi-monthly issues between April 1981 and June 1989. It was edited by T. E. D Klein, Michael Blaine, and finally Tappan King. (IA) SF Encyclopedia entry