The Turd

At the L.A.Con I masquerade, one of the contestants, artist Scott Shaw!, came on stage wearing only a bathing suit, with his body completely covered with crunchy peanut butter. The name of his costume was "The Turd". from an underground comic story Shaw wrote and illustrated. Since peanut butter liquifies at body temperature, some of the peanut butter tended to drip off of him, making the floor sticky for other contestants, Bill Rotsler made it one of his "Rotsler's Rules that no peanut butter costumes should be worn. This masquerade rule is universally known among fans as the "no peanut butter rule."

By the end of the masquerade, the peanut butter had begun to go rancid. Shaw became was one of the most recognizable members for the rest of the con since if you spend many hours covered with lots of chunky peanut butter, the oils start to soak into your skin. Bathing and scouring do little to remove the aroma and residue of the peanut oil.