The Shaft

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The Shaft was a 6' long axle mounted on ball bearing supports with a huge gear wheel attached to it that members of NESFA discovered in the course of dismantling the huge dryer in the club's new clubhouse. (See Saga of the NESFA Clubhouse.)

As the dryer was being dismantled, people though the shaft was much too lovely to waste — but what to do with it? Inspiration struck: Send it to LASFS! Don Eastlake quickly organized a carpentry crew and built a shipping crate which features heavy-duty construction and special mounting brackets which allowed the shaft to spin freely within the crate. The finished crate was closed, screwed shut, and The Shaft was put on a truck for delivery to LASFS. Since there was some doubt that LASFS would accept delivery of a huge sealed crate from NESFA, arrangements were made to have a secret agent on site to handle that chore for them…

NESFA had given LASFS the shaft…

Mike Glyer recounts the LASFS reaction in File 770 #63 p2 and more (including helpful suggestions on what to do with it) in File 770 #64 p15.

LASFS eventually shipped the shaft to PSFS who found they lacked inspiration and shipped it to NESFA. It disappeared before arriving that the NESFA clubhouse was was never seen again.

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