The Serious Scientific Talks

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The Serious Scientific Talks is an ebook collection of Bob Shaw's famous Serious Scientific Talks, including the contents of all three earlier collections plus four previously uncollected talks. It was published in November 2019 by Dave Langford's Ansible Editions as a free download from the TAFF site. The cover artwork is by Jim Barker, from the 1979 collection The Eastercon Speeches edited by Rob Jackson.

Table of Contents:

The Speeches

  • The Need for BAD Science Fiction (1974)
  • Time-Travellers Among Us (1975)
  • The Return of the Backyard Spaceship (1976)
  • The Bermondsey Triangle Mystery (1977)
  • Up the Conjunction: An Investigation into Astrology (1978)
  • Eau de Clone (1979)
  • The Mysterious World of Bob C. Shaw (1981)
  • Beyond Cosmos (1982)
  • Conning Your Way (1983)
  • Ten Years, but Not Decayed (1984)
  • My Life and Space/Times (1985) — titled Worldcon After Dinner Speech in A Load of Old BoSh
  • What I Learned from Watching Star Trek (1987)
  • The Importance of Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies (1988) — titled A Serious Scientific Talk in A Load of Old BoSh
  • Corn Is the Lowest Form of Wheat (1990)

Appendix: Past Collections

Download page at the TAFF site

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