The Outlander

A fanzine published by The Outlander Society of South Gate, CA as its official organ and edited by Rick Sneary and Len Moffatt in the 50s.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 January 1949 16 ed. by John Van Couvering
2 May 1949 ed by Con Pederson
3 1949 28 ed by Fred Hershey and Alan Hershey. Possibly Rick Sneary
4 1950 32 ed by Stan Woolston
5 1950 29 ed by Len Moffatt and Rick Sneary
6 1950
7 1950 25 ed by Stan Woolston
8 October 1951 ed by Con Pederson
9 1951 or 1952 ed by Anna Moffatt and Shirley Booker
10 February 1952 ed by Len Moffat and Rick Sneary
11 1954 30 ed by Anna Moffatt
12 August 1956
13 May 1957 18 ed by Rick Sneary Last issue

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