The New York Feud

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A hoax apa. Amusingly, the hoax was on the apa's supposed OE, Robert Sacks. In late 1984 a flyer appears at New York City fan gatherings announcing:

Proposal: The New York Feud, an APA/Newsletter about fan feuds and convention organizing (is there a difference?) This will be a managed APA. Zines, announcements, and 'news' should be delivered to the Manager by the 3rd Saturday of the month, to allow for publication on or before the 1st of the month complete with cover, prepared or solicited editorials, and accurate Table of Contents, and, of course, the Calendar. If you are interested in receiving/writing for/otherwise participating in The New York Feud, contact Robt Sacks, 4861 Broadway 5-V, NY NY 10034, providing full details by the 3rd Saturday of November."

Sacks decided to "call their bluff" and actually put together at least one issue.

(So does this make it a hoax or not?)

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