The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

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F&SF was founded in 1949 by Mercury Publications (originally titled Magazine of Fantasy) and has since 2001 been published by Spilogale, Inc. F&SF was founded to cover the full range of sf, including fantasy, and to do so at a higher literary level than was common at the time. It was "Spotlighted Publisher" at Norwescon XXX.

Notable features: 399 science columns by Isaac Asimov, the Feghoot, many Gahan Wilson cartoons (and many cartons by others, also) a fascinating series of F&SF Competitions, a dozen single-author special issues, and the "Curiosities" column of, well, curiosities.

The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction reprint anthology series is a long-standing, irregular series which reprints the best.

Years Editors Publication rate
Fall 1949 — August 1954 Anthony Boucher and J. Francis McComas Quarterly, then bi-monthly, then monthly
September 1954 — August 1958 Anthony Boucher Monthly
1958 C. M. Kornbluth Monthly
1958 William Tenn Monthly
September 1958 — March 1962 Robert P. Mills Monthly
April 1962 — November 1964 Avram Davidson Monthly
December 1964 — December 1965 Joseph W. Ferman and Edward L. Ferman Monthly
January 1966 — June 1991 Edward L. Ferman Monthly
July 1991 — May 1997 Kristine Kathryn Rusch Monthly
June 1997 — present Gordon van Gelder Monthly, then bi-monthly

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to