The Gorgon

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A fanzine edited by Stanley Mullen with 11 issues between Jan, 1947 and June 1949.

Contributors included: Forrest J Ackerman, George B. Adams, Theophilus Alvor, Joseph B. Baker, Landell Bartlett, Donn Brazier, Lee Beecher, Mahlon Blaine, Charles Ragland Bunnell, Cynthia Carey, R. Flavie Carson, Nowell Chase, Jack O. Colvin, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, Leander Frankus, John Grossman, Justin Herman, Roy Hunt, David H. Keller, Joe Kennedy, Gordon Kull, Alvin A. Laney, Howard Miller, Archie Musick, Shan Nosgurov, Mariane Nuttall, Paul O'Connor, Robert Conrad Peterson, Phil Rasch, Jack Riggs, Alex Saunders, Ben Singer, Phil Stephens, Genevieve K. Stephens, Albert Toth, Virgil Utter, William Walrich, Michael Wigodsky.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1.2 June 1947 56
1.6 January 1948 &8
1.7 1948
2.1 1948 64
2.2 1948 62
2.3 March 1949 62
2.4 1949 64

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