The Game of Fandom

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A fannish game created by Dian Pelz and published in June 1964 as Tower Publications #2. 80 copies were produced.

It includes an instruction sheet, game board, playing pieces, eight sheets of "Fandom" cards, and four sheets each of "Gafia," "Slan Shack," "Imaginary World," "Convention" and "Feud" cards, all printed on 8.5x11 heavy paper.

The cards contained humorous fannish instructions — the game was created mostly as a joke with much of the fun being reading the cards.

In the 70s, the game and the remaining copies were turned over to Lee Gold.

Many real people are mentioned:

Forrest J Ackerman
Al Ashley
Walter Breen
G.M. Carr
Kent Corey
Howard Devore
Dick Eney
Owen Hannifen
Phil Harrell
Jim Harmon
Art Hayes
Alma Hill
Jamie Johnson
Fred Patten
Bruce Pelz
George Nims Raybin
Paul Stanberry
Jimmy Warren
Ted White
Walt Willis

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