The Franson Award

The Franson Award, running since 1991 is given by The National Fantasy Fan Federation (NFFF, N3F) and was formerly called the President’s Award. It was renamed in honor of Donald Franson, prominent fan and a longtime member of N3F.

The award is given each year by the N3F president to members who have made significant contributions to the club during the year. The Franson Award can be given more than once, in contrast to the club's Kaymar Award, which can be won only once. (IA) Website

Year Recipient(s)
1991 Ralph Calabrese, Lyne Masamitsu, Pamela Williams
1992 None given
1993 Craig Boyd, Lyne Masamitsu, Susan Zuege
1994 William Center, Diane Miller, Amy Sisson, Michele Nowak Center
1995 Craig Boyd, Jennifer Mackay, Susan VanSchuyver, and Don Franson
1996 Jeannette Marsala, Stephanie Anderson, Joy Beeson, Dennis Davis
1997 Jeannette Marsala, Laura Hazelwood, William Center
1998 Don Franson, Carla Minor (Honorable Mentions: Craig Boyd, Janine Stinson, Harold Marcum, Ginny Benson)
1999 Lyne Masamitsu, Harold Marcum
2000 None given
2001 Catherine Mintz, Helen Davis, Laura Hazelwood, Jacqueline Lichtenberg
2002 None given
2003 Janine Stinson, Laura Hazelwood, George Phillies
2004 Jon D. Swartz, David Speakman
2005 Christopher J. Garcia, William Center, Edmund J. Goodwin
2006 None given
2007 Dennis Davis, Jon D. Swartz
2008 None given
2009 None given
2010 Heath Row, R-Laurraine Tutihasi
2011 Jean Lamb
2012 None given
2013 George Phillies
2014 None Given
2015 David Speakman
2016 R-Laurraine Tutihasi
2017 Jon D. Swartz, David Speakman
2018 Bob Jennings
2019 Angela K Scott, Jose Sanchez, Cedar Sanderson