The Fanzine Foundation

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1. The One in Detroit

The Fanzine Foundation was assembled by Alan J. Lewis from about 1960 to 1964 and stored in Detroit by Howard Devore was sold in 1965 to Bruce Pelz. 2800 pounds of fanzines were shipped to LA in 1966 in 69 boxes (and four more were carried by car).

It included the partial or complete collections of Alan J. Lewis, Howard DeVore, Phyllis Economou, Larry Shaw, Martin Alger, and R. D. Swisher. Duplicate items were auctioned off with the proceeds being used to house the collection and to buy more fanzines.

While the Foundation collection was added to Pelz's personal collection, the entire collection remained open to researchers. Pelz was also willing to provide xerox copies of material essentially at cost.

2. The One in the UK

The Fanzine Foundation was created by BSFA in the mid-60s (1965 or earlier). One of its services was PADS. It folded in 1967.

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