The Bleary Eyes

A fanthology series published by Ken Cheslin, collecting the Goon Defective Agency fan fiction tales inaugurated by John Berry and Atom in their fanzine Retribution and contributed to by others.

The known titles are The Bleary Eyes Volume 1: The Early Days (1993), including a story by Chuck Harris; The Bleary Eyes Volume 2: The Middle Ages (1993); The Bleary Eyes Volume 3: Nor the Years Condemn (1994); The Bleary Eyes Volume 4: Kitsch in Sync Legends (1995); and The Bleary Eyes Volume 5: Bleary Eyes (1996). There was a final issue #6 in 2006, The Bleary Eyes Volume 6: Agent Provocative

The first two volumes were rekeyed by Vince Clarke using a word processor. They include new introductions by Berry and annotations by Clarke and Cheslin, explaining many of the more arcane fannish allusions and in-jokes. After Clarke's death his word processor disks were rescued, and volumes 1 and 2 eventually became The Goon Omnibus (2017), an ebook published by Ansible Editions and available as a free download from the TAFF website.