The Alchemist

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A fanzine edited by Charles Ford Hanson, Lew Martin and Roy V. Hunt (the Denver Triumvirate) in Denver with seven mimeographed issues between February 1940 and Winter 1947.

Contributors included included Forrest J Ackerman, Hannes Bok, Ray Bradbury, Carl H. Claudy, James Daugherty, August Derleth, Morojo, Damon Knight, Robert W. Lowndes, Otis Adelbert Kline, A. Merritt, John B. Michel, Stanley Mullen, Bob Peterson, J. Allen St. John, Bess Foster Smith, Tigrina, Bob Tucker, Harry Warner, Jr., Art Widner, and Olon F. Wiggins.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 February 1940
2 March 1940 50
3 Summber 1940 74
4 December 1940 44
5 February 1941 52
6 V2.1? Autumn 1946
7 V2.2 Winter 1947 52

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