Terracon (WA)

(Did you mean an Australian campout?)

Terracon was a convention run by South Sound Fandom near Seattle, WA, which was held from 1998 to 2000. Plans for Terracon IV were cancelled, and the organization is now defunct.

Name Date GoHs
Terracon I 1998
Terracon II October 29-31, 1999 GoH: Dave Duncan, Special Media GoH: Chris McDonell, Guest: Paul Riddell, TM: Dave Tackett
Terracon III October 20-22, 2000 GoH: Bill Ransom, AGoH: Drew Hilstad, FGoH: Dick O'Shea, TM: Dave Tackett
Wikipedia Fanac File770 Ansible
Concatenation Fanlore Files http://terracon.freeservers.com/index2.htm (IA) Website . 1998 2000

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