Tendril Towers

Tendril Towers was a slan shack at 628 South Bixel in Los Angeles, CA nearly across the street from a former location of LASFS and just down the street from a more famous Slan Shack. It closed April 6, 1956 — an event important enough to rate an article in Fantasy-Times #249 p7.

Fans who lived there at one point or another included Arthur Jean Cox, Bill Cox, E. Everett Evans, Elmer Perdue, Bettry Perdue, Jimmy Kepner, Dave Lesperance, Kenny Bonnell, Nelson Himmell, Dick Timmer, Roy Hackworth, Charles Bogel, and Bill Blackbeard.

As Goosey-Butt Grotto
from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
(Laney-Burbee) The rooming house at 628 S Bixel, from Insurgent descriptions of activities there. Aka Tendril Towers and the Bixel Fairy Palace.