A fanzine from 1973 published by Arnie Katz and Joyce Katz. Only one issue is known. This issue is undated, but can be dated from the contents: Joyce (born 1939) says on p. 7 that she's 33. On p. 6 she writes that it's "a new year, and a new fanzine", putting it in January, hence January 1973. For confirmation, attached to the editorial is a drawing dated 1-73.

Issue Date Pages Notes
#1 January 1973 66 Editorials by each of Joyce and Arnie; column by Bob Shaw; fan history articles by Harry Warner, Jr., Terry Carr, and F. Towner Laney; fan fiction ("The Last Fan In New York") by Arnie Katz; articles by Grant Canfield, Susan (Wood) Glicksohn, and John Alderson; art contributions from 15 artists. Cover by Ross Chamberlain.